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Custom French Steel Doors. Even Closed, They Give a Wide-Open Feeling.

Engineered for strength, the steel frames, stiles, rails and muntins are slender and thin, yet sturdy enough to hold large expanses of insulated glass. Clean, elegant sight lines provide wide-open views. Architects feel liberated by the endless options available with steel and glass: designs aren’t limited to standard sizes, shapes or profiles.

In addition to custom sizes, the French Steel glass doors collection offers a variety of functions. Doors can be installed to swing in or out, to fold or slide from the left or right – or the center. Barrel hinges are welded into the door panel and the jamb, adding strength and sleekness to the overall design and operation.

In addition to clear, many steel glass doors options are available in patterns such as rain, reeded or German antique; tempered, laminated for safety or sound suppression; and several levels of Low-E for UV filtration and clarity. All steel frame components are permanently protected with hot zinc anti-rust coating applied directly to the steel prior to painting. The French Steel Company also offers a range of hardware options from leading manufacturers of high-performance hardware. Select hardware that complements the sleek look and narrow sight lines of steel glass  doors and also meets local building codes as well as your private security needs.

The French Steel Company offers a 10-year warranty on the operation of all windows and doors, and a one-year warranty on finishes.

Whether for luxury residential entryway projects or exacting commercial installations, the use of steel French doors has rapidly increased in recent years. The driving force behind this momentum is simply that steel frame glass doors add unique character and provide a structurally sound and long-lasting building material. Steel glass doors not only provide an elegant entrance but significantly add to the integrity of the structure. The steel jamb used for hanging architectural metal doors is an excellent addition to the strength of the construction in a location where there is often excess stress generated by high foot traffic and extreme weather exposure associated with the structure’s opening.

While black steel glass doors are the most commonly seen, the French Steel collection offers a variety of colors and faux finishes to give each project the custom look desired. While metal glass doors are among the strongest and longest lasting building materials, our architectural steel doors and their custom finishes are protected under warranties for each unit so that each project can be undertaken with confidence and peace of mind. At The French Steel Company, your satisfaction is our priority, and confidence in your steel glass doors is guaranteed.


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