French Steel Doors and Windows

Enter a world of modern elegance: impeccable, durable, efficient.

french steel doors | black steel doors in Washington, DCSince its early days of mass production, led by Andrew Carnegie’s U.S. steel company in 1901, carbon steel revolutionized construction. The same steel that first gave rise to skyscrapers and coast-to-coast railroad expansion was eventually used for windows in factories, warehouses, and offices.

Today, thanks to modern advances in paint coatings and insulated glass, steel is used for windows and doors in the finest homes, restaurants, and commercial buildings. Using thermal break technology, steel can now be used in the coldest mountain applications or refrigerated wine cellars.

The French Steel Company works with architects and builders across the United States to incorporate the elegant simplicity of steel windows and doors across a range of residential and commercial architectural styles, from modern to traditional.

French Steel Frame Windows & Doors

  • Lasting beauty
  • Impeccable product quality
  • New construction and remodels
  • Clean, clear
  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable
  • Structural strength



Florida Building Code Approved


American Architectural Manufacturers Association

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National Accreditation & Management Institute, Inc.

*Certifications through The French Steel Company’s parent company, Scardino Doors, LLC.

Steel Glass Doors

Even Closed, They Give a Wide-Open Feeling.

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Custom Steel Windows

Add a New Dimension to Your Designs With French Steel Windows.

Window wall overlooking city.

Window Walls

Enjoy the View With Window Walls.


DC building with curtain walls installed.

Curtain Walls

Improve Thermal Efficiency for Your Building.

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Thermally Broken Steel Window and Doors

Durable and Energy-Efficient.

Hardware Solutions for Steel Doors and Windows

Offering hardware from Emtek, Rocky Mountain, Ashley Norton.

Steel and Glass Door Installation

Steel Windows and Doors Installations

Steel Doors and Windows That Perform as Well as They Look.