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French Steel Door and Window Gallery

Our Gallery pages are a rich resource for shaping design ideas and getting a better feel for the power of French Steel. Take a browse, and if you see something you like, ask us about a similar style for your design! Scroll below to view our door and window gallery projects!

French Steel elegantly combines strength with style. Custom designs allow its application in nearly any project, residential or commercial, for a sleek finish that provides lasting beauty to the structure. We carefully manufacture our custom steel windows to promote natural lighting in any space while increasing security and longevity.

With so many moving parts involved with new construction or a remodel, we take pride in supplying the steel windows and doors for your project in a timely, efficient manner from start to finish. Our team of door, window, hardware and installation experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in your new steel windows and doors. Our unique range of certifications, from manufacturing to installation, allows us to apply our turn-key, proven process to each aspect of your job.

With over a decade of full-service experience in the steel door and window industry, we have not only developed faster and more efficient methods for manufacturing, delivery, and installation but have also mastered the critical element of what makes your project yours: custom design. Our team will help inspire your ideas into reality with a vast selection of styles and samples to pull from. Or, if your design is already crystal clear, our computer-aided design (CAD) experts will turn it into a working template: your design will go from whiteboard to workbench in a matter of days.



Whichever style you choose, proper installation of your hardware is critical for proper functionality. Each component in the selection of the hardware for residential or commercial steel windows and doors adds to the security and ease of access to your space, so proper management of installation is crucial. Our AAMA certified installation methods will make certain that your hardware is handled with care and operating properly.

While the primary goal of the hardware for custom steel and glass doors is security and ease of entry, the design selection of hardware can be equal to the elegance and style of your new steel and glass doors. With three diverse hardware manufactures to choose from, we offer diverse styles and functions to complement the architecture of any project.

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