Why You Should Choose Steel Doors for Your Home

Doors play an important role in every home, offering safety, privacy, and functionality to the spaces we rely on every day. As the focal point of your home from the curb and the first component of your house that visitors encounter, the entry door is key to protecting what matters most. Despite their great importance, how much thought have you truly given to the doors in your home? While you may have taken the time to customize the appearance of your doors, tweaking the paint color and customizing knobs, you’ve likely not given much thought to the material from which your doors are constructed.

Wood has long served as the popular choice for the doors in most homes, however, there are other options that offer a wide range of advantages. One option that is growing in popularity for homes across the country is steel, particularly for external doors including entry, side of the home, and patio doors. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of steel doors for homes of all types and sizes, all of which include durability, security, curb appeal, and energy efficiency.

Where can I install steel doors in my home?

Before embarking on the process to install steel doors in your home, you may be asking yourself which rooms in your home are right for this material. The most common place to install steel doors in the home is the entryway. This part of the home benefits from most of the advantages this material offers, particularly when it comes to security and curb appeal. So, what about interior doors? For many people, it may seem an odd choice to utilize steel doors in the interior of the home. However, they can be a great option for certain areas of the house including safe rooms, storage rooms, and basements, or wherever else particularly valuable belongings are kept.

The beauty of steel doors is that they can be customized to fit the unique aesthetic of your home, available in a variety of styles. For example, you can find top quality french steel doors with glass panels fitted throughout their length to allow light to flow into the home.

What are the advantages of installing steel doors in my home?

Replacing existing doors with steel doors can feel like a daunting task, however, the variety of benefits make this surprisingly quick update completely worth it. On this list of advantages to choosing steel doors for your home are durability, security, curb appeal, and energy efficiency.

Durability. Over time, our homes undergo various wear and tear as a result of regular daily use. While wear and tear is most obvious on carpeting, walls, and appliances, doors constructed from lower-quality materials can be more easily damaged and therefore require unexpected repairs. Steel door durability is unmatched because, quite simply, nothing compares to steel. Steel is one of the most durable materials out there, and steel doors are most often constructed from 20-26 gauge steel. With this level of strength, the steel doors in your home will not scratch, warp, or crack. Even the highest traffic door in your home, the entry door, will remain strong against adverse weather and heavy use. This is of particular importance for families living in harsher climates like the Midwest, where snow, rain, and frigid temperatures take a toll on doors.

Security. Your home is a special place where you and your family spend time together and unwind. There is nothing more invasive than losing this sense of comfort as a result of a burglary. Because many doors made of materials like wood are not the strongest, it is easier for thieves to compromise the entry door and gain access to your home. Steel doors provide an incredible sense of security because they are virtually impossible to break through. Knowing that you have steel doors installed in your home will give you peace of mind, ensuring that your loved ones and valuable belongings are always protected.

Curb Appeal. When comparing homes, curb appeal is everything. As the primary focal point of the exterior of your house, the entry door can either elevate its overall appearance or serve as an eyesore. While an ugly entry door will simply be a minor inconvenience when living in a home, if you choose to one day sell your house it can actually have a negative effect on the value. By replacing your old door with a steel door, you can easily fix this issue. Steel doors instantly offer a sleek and clean look to any style of home, upping the curb appeal and subsequently its value. A great feature of steel doors is that they can be customized with a variety of features to match the aesthetic of your house, ensuring it fits seamlessly.

Energy Efficiency. One of the biggest advantages of choosing steel doors for your home is that they are incredibly energy-efficient. At one time or another, we’ve all experienced the unpleasant challenges of having doors that are not very energy efficient. Most commonly, doors that are not energy-efficient will release heat from the home during the chilly winter months and fail to contain cool air during balmy summer days. Not only does this make your living environment uncomfortable, but it can also lead to pricey energy bills. With steel doors, energy conservation woes will be a thing of the past. Steel doors are constructed to maximize insulation and feature thermal adhesives that increase their structural integrity.

Additionally, unlike wood doors that can break down and rot, steel doors will not experience cracking or warping that allows the elements to enter your home.

Choose Steel Doors from The French Steel Company 

The French Steel Company is a leading provider of steel doors for homes of all styles and sizes, bringing families the comfort and peace of mind only offered by this product.

If you are considering installing steel doors in your home, contact us today to address questions and discuss your unique needs. We look forward to helping you with your project, giving you the durability, security, and cost-saving steel doors you’ll appreciate for years.


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