How To Choose a Curtain Wall Type

If you’ve ever sipped coffee in a cafe while looking out to a garden through a tall glass wall, you were likely enjoying the scenic view through a curtain wall.

No matter if they’re installed in a commercial or residential structure, curtain walls offer benefits beyond sweeping views. They also provide thermal efficiency, so you can save on energy costs and slow the spread of fire in an emergency.

A curtain wall is an architectural system that doesn’t bear any of the structural load of the building it inhabits, so its design is limited only by the wall’s dead load weight, the structure’s height, and your vision.

There are two types of curtain walls:

Stick Curtain Walls

closeup of large industrial black & brown building with large curtain wall with steel glass windows

Stick curtain walls are made from aluminum and glass and are assembled on-site. These materials are shipped separately to your installers, who will then arrive at your home or business to construct the curtain wall piece by piece.

This method is most often used for buildings less than two or three stories high. A crane is not needed to lift heavy pieces into place because the structure is at a lower elevation.

Choose a stick-built system for smaller to mid-sized projects that need:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Less on-site equipment
  • Flexibility and customization to fit the structure

You need a highly skilled team on-site like The French Steel Company to ensure proper installation.

Unitized Curtain Walls

industrial office building with all glass windows in front of cloudy skies

Unitized curtain walls are assembled, glazed, and treated in a factory off-site and then shipped in mullions that can be lifted with a crane and paired seamlessly together on your property.

The size of each mullion depends on the height of the structure. This construction method is usually reserved for buildings taller than three stories — such as a high-rise or commercial-use building.

Choose a unitized system for larger projects that need:

  • Faster installations
  • Lower labor costs
  • High-quality glazing and fabrication
  • Added wind, air, and moisture protection

Install a Beautiful, Custom-Designed Curtain Wall From The French Steel Company

Choosing between a unitized and stick curtain wall is more for practical construction than design. If you’re looking for a high-class, luxurious, custom-designed curtain wall for your home or business in the Southeast, contact our team at The French Steel Company.

Our team creates beautiful curtain walls, doors, and windows that improve your space’s energy efficiency and comfort. We use a customer-focused approach to all of our designs, which means that our main source of inspiration is your home’s style or the communication of your brand’s goals through unique products and installations.

Tell us about your next project. Call us at 202-609-9835 or contact us online.

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