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About the French Steel Company

Owner of The French Steel Company smiling next to wine storage room.

Tom Scardino, Sr. Founder and CEO, pictured on location at one of The French Steel® Company’s signature wine room installations.

The people that make up The French Steel Company are dedicated to enriching the places where we all live and work. Our company motto says it all: “Lasting Beauty for the Built Environment.” What started as a small family company built on old-fashioned ethics of honesty, hard work, and service to our neighbors is now one of the world’s premier steel window and door companies.

Through our unique manufacturing and installation process, each project’s unique character of customization and performance is addressed with the same professionalism that went into its architectural design in the first place. From new construction to remodeling and replacements, to commercial building and even historic restorations, we never take shortcuts, we listen to your needs and always adhere to the highest professional standards and the highest levels of service.

We make it our priority to be a partner to our customers through every step of the process, to go above and beyond what is expected. That includes making sure our doors and windows continue to live up to your high standards every single day.